Nexus Youth

The Youth Ministry of Nexus Church

Youth of the North, come hang at Nexus!

Expect a fast paced, fun filled, faith focussed program for all high schoolers (Grades 7-12) every Friday during school terms from 6.30pm-9pm.

Friday's have never looked so good with Crew hangs, Dinner, Games, Music and more.. 

Stay informed with our social media accounts here - you don't need an account to view the page.


Nexus Youth and Sundays - 79ers Program

The 79ers program is for youth in Grades 7-9 happening on a Sunday at Nexus during the 10.30am service. Starting during the mingle/greeting time after Praise & Worship, the youth will meet the 79ers leaders and head down to their own space for the remainder of the service.

The program is based on a monthly calendar and looks like this..

Weeks 1 & 3 - 79ers program - games, videos, bible study, small groups and prayer.

Weeks 2 & 4 - Sitting in the service with friends and family experiencing praise and worship and inspiration teaching from Ps Nathan and others!

Week 5 - Occurring only a few times a year, the 5th Sunday of the month is where the 79ers will have a special event!

Can't wait to hang with our 79ers crew in 2020!