Nexus Youth

The Youth Ministry of Nexus Church

Youth of the North, come hang at Nexus!

Expect a fast paced, fun filled, faith focussed program for all high schoolers.

Friday's have never looked so good with Crew hangs, Dinner, Games, Music and more..

Stay tuned to what's happening at Nexus Youth here - you don't need an account to view the page.


Nexus Youth and Sundays

Here's what's on offer to our youth on a Sunday (10.30am service).

Each week: Before and after the 10.30am service, young people can connect with each other and youth leaders in a designated youth zone.

Each fortnight: The youth will alternate each week between participating in the main church service and attending Youth Church in the College Hall.

10.30am Service: Youth will have the opportunity to sit their friends in a designated area, or sit with their family for the duration of the service.

Youth Church: Youth will exist after the worship set (during the 'minute to mingle' time) and meet leaders who will walk them over to the College Hall (part of the Northside Christian College campus) for activities, small groups, prayer and teaching for the remainder of the service.