Homes & Hubs

Created to cultivate Life Together & belonging within the the Covid-19 restrictions.

Homes & Hubs at Nexus

From a desire to offer community within the Covid restrictions, Homes & Hubs offer connection around our live-streamed Sunday Church Online services.

Both Homes AND Hubs are equally important for our community to be able to stay connected and encouraged in our Christian faith. 

A casual arrangement where we're encouraging our Church community to host friends at home to watch church together. Please make sure to uphold COVIDsafe guidelines including social distancing and being healthy.

A humble gathering at various locations around North-Brisbane set up to temporarily meet together and watch Church Online together.

Due to Covid guidelines, you will need a valid ticket to attend a Hub.

Home & Hubs for the Nexus Church Community

Community Hub locations...


Watch Live

Tune in every Sunday at 9:30am & join us for Church Online

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Everton Park Seniors Hub

A Hub ideal for Seniors & located in the Prayer Chapel

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Samford Hub

Located in the beautiful area of Samford Village

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Sandgate Hub

Located in the heart of Sandgate

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Everton Park Lecture Theatre

Located onsite at our Everton Park campus

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Everton Park College Hall

Located onsite at our Everton Park campus

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Strathpine Hub

Located at BCC Cinemas in Strathpine

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Stafford Hub

Located at The Community Place in Stafford

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Young Adults Hub

YA Hub for Sunday PM Services!

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