Nexus Creative

A community of extraordinary artists committed to excellence and passionate about making God's name known.

In the beginning, God created. 

And in humanity, created in His image, He put creative imagination. He gave us the ability to take inexpressible wonder, joy, sorrow, grief, gratitude, and thankfulness and somehow make them expressible through the arts. This is why we create!

We create images that somehow describe the infinite and unshakeable love of God. We create performances that somehow convey His unexplainable and inexpressible grace. We write in uncommon language that somehow expresses our thankfulness for His underserved and selfless sacrifice.

We welcome you, artist, imaginer, dreamer and creator into our community of endless possibilities. We welcome you into a community that honours God and His word, welcomes you without prejudice, loves you without condition, and encourages you to dig deep, face your fears, find your voice, and bring glory to God in ways that have never been seen or heard before.

David Lewis
Creative Pastor


Join Our Creative Team

Begin by connecting with us via our various online events (coloured purple) or follow us on Instagram.

Please fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM to express your interest in joining Production Team, or Band, Vocals, Art and Dance and we will be in contact with you very soon.

Production Team

Camera Operators & Directors:  

This position involves the operating of live video cameras and vision mixer during our services. This allows Nexus to stream live video within the building and expand its reach by making video messages available online.

Stage Managers:

Stage Managers watch over everything that happens onstage. This includes ensuring smooth transitions of microphones and people on and off stage as well as communicating with Speakers and Pastors to ensure they have everything required and are happy with the service.

Multimedia Operators:

By serving as a Multimedia operator, you play a fundamental role in ensuring the congregation can engage with the worship team by following the lyrics and PowerPoints on the screens.

Lighting Operators:

By serving in this role, you play a major part in creating the atmosphere and theming for our services. Lighting operators are imaginative and use colour, shapes and light levels to coincide with the worship.

Sound Operators:

The Sound operator plays a key role in making services happen. This role is high pressure and involves a lot of collaboration with the Creative Team. Sound operators arrive first and leave last.


Nexus Worship latest single released in 2020, Victory (The Lost have been Redeemed)

Latest Music from Nexus Worship

Nexus Worship are thrilled to release our latest song 'Victory (The Lost Have Been Redeemed)'!

Written and produced entirely from our Nexus Creative Team, we're so proud of this and pray that it blesses our church. 

Available to listen on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you stream music.


Nexus Arts

Nexus Arts is where we inspire creative expression and build community connection for all our creative artists at Nexus. We offer unique classes in drawing, visual bible journalling, connect groups and painting. Click here for more information or email us at [email protected]



Nexus Church now partners with a community dance school, Designed 2 Dance. Head to their website for more information.