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The Christian Virtue That Might Change Your Life

"I don’t know about you, but I don’t commonly see gratitude in adults, regardless of their age. Instead, I frequently see people pointing out what others have and they wish ...

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Sunlit path
Oct 20, 2016

The Cure for Loneliness

For most of my life, it’s been fairly easy to make friends. Until I moved interstate. I struggled for a couple of years, but courtesy of our connect group at ...

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Girl Coffee
Oct 17, 2016

The Gift of Friendship

A while ago, I was at a church meeting and a young girl came up to me to talk.  This girl is a beautiful, gentle spirited girl and it always ...

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Oct 10, 2016

Why do people reject church?

I can understand why people don’t feel like they belong in church. They want God but not church. They have faith but don’t want fellowship. They desire hope but feel ...

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Church Blog 2
Oct 5, 2016

Life Changers (15 Things I Learned from Bill Johnson)

Who is the one person that has had the greatest impact upon your life? Kris Vallotton, one of the modern day leaders in the Kingdom, reveals in this recent article ...

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