Invite Someone to Alpha

A message to our Nexus Church family

The Alpha Course

Jesus’ plan was that everyone would be invited and included in relationship with Him and with other Christians.

At Nexus, we know that growing in our faith means that we reach out to the people around us with this message. We do this by caring for those around us, building meaningful relationships and, at the right time, inviting them to explore faith and community.

One of the key things we can invite people to at Nexus is Alpha. Our next Alpha course starts on the 9th of August.

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the questions of life in a relaxed setting over 8 weeks. Starting this term we are using a refreshed version of Alpha (check out the promo video below to give you a feel for the sessions). Most courses attract a diverse range of people of different ages and viewpoints. We offer a free meal and child-minding for ages 5-12.


Alpha Term 3 Dates

We encourage you to do the following:

  • PRAY - Please pray and ask God who to invite
  • ASK - Invite them to attend. We have provided a downloadable invite which you can text or email to them
  • ATTEND - Do the course with them, this makes a big difference.

For the dates, more information and to register, please visit

Click on the button below to download (right click and save) and invite you can use to share with your friends and colleagues.