The Alpha Course

Over 23 million people worldwide have done Alpha.

The Alpha Course

Alpha is a series of FREE interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. 

It's an opportunity to explore the questions of life in a relaxed setting over 8 weeks. Most courses attract a diverse range of people of different ages and viewpoints.

We provide a free meal and child-minding for ages 5-12. The dates of the courses are listed below and you can register by clicking on the link.


Take a look at this video which give you a bit of a feel for what the Alpha Course is like!


Alpha Term 3 Dates

Session 1 // Thursday 9th August // 7pm
Session 2 // Thursday 16th August // 7pm
Session 3 // Thursday 23rd August // 7pm
Session 4 // Thursday 30th August // 7pm
Session 5 // Saturday 1st September // 9am - 3pm
Session 6 // Thursday 6th September // 7pm
Session 7 // Thursday 13th September // 7pm
Session 8 // Thursday 20th September // 7pm

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