Connect Groups

Friends talking about God.

Connect Groups offer an ideal way to grow in faith in the context of friendship and informal discussion.

Our Nexus Connect Groups meet in homes and other locations, to create a space for authentic sharing, prayer and encouragement (and FUN!)

There are groups for young families, women, men, young adults, mixed adults, special interests and more. They run in the evenings, mornings, daytime and weekends.

Our Connect Department will assist you in identifying a group that will best suit your needs and life situation, where we hope you might make some great friendships and grow in your relationship with God.

If you would like more information, you can email our Connect Department or call the office on 3353 1377.

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Nexus Connect Groups

Connect Groups

What is a Connect Group?

Connect groups are smaller gatherings of the Nexus church community in homes and other locations. They are:

  • Usually made up of between 6 and 15 people
  • A place for sharing in the faith journey with each other, praying and having fun (which may even involve some food)
  • A space for socialising and being a part of a smaller spiritual community

Why is a Connect Group beneficial to your faith?

‘Connect Groups’ has its foundations in scripture, as the early Christian church met in homes sharing faith, meals and prayer in a small community.  The benefits of being a part of a small community (like a Connect Group) is:

  • You can share with others specifics about your own walk with God
  • Have people pray with you about your journey
  • Solid support network to continue growing in your faith
  • FRIENDS - that care about your relationship with God and want to see you thrive
  • FUN

What considerations are made when identifying potential Connect Groups?

Our team looks at the following when trying to find a group that might suit you:

  • travel
  • your availability
  • age
  • your interest/hobbies and anything else that will help us find a group where you feel safe, loved and nurtured
  • and where you are going to have FUN!

Short Term Connect Groups

Connect Groups are a fantastic way to feel apart of the life of this church, and encourage your faith journey through relationship with other believers. We have lots of Connect Groups running at the moment, and we are always starting new groups. However, we specifically run these Short Term Connect Groups, to give you a taste of Christian community with the hopes that you might want to take the next step to making this a part of your lifestyle. We strictly run them for 4-6 weeks, and we cover great topics - we have a leadership group, men's group, a group about identity and purpose, and a group about your authority in Christ. 

Leadership Group

Run by Melanie Saward, this Leadership Short Term Connect Group will be based around 'Integrity' by Dr Henry Cloud and will focus on key leadership principles. Starting on 20th May for 5 weeks at 4pm on Sundays. We'll meet together in Nexus Church Office building, known as 'The Hub'.

To register, click here.

Mens Group

Run by Josh Saward, this Short Term Connect Group for men will be based on Craig Groeschel's book 'The Fight' and is all about winning the battles that matter most. Starting on 21st May for 5 weeks at 7pm on Mondays. We'll meet together in Precinct Room 3, underneath the church auditorium.

To register, click here.

Christian Living Group (The Me I Want To Be)

This group will be studying the resource by John Ortberg, called 'The Me I Want to Be'. It's all about your unique design in Christ, and discovering His identity and purpose for you, particularly being empowered to be the best version of yourself that you could hope for. The study will go for 5 weeks, on Sunday afternoons at 3.30pm in the Precinct (under the Auditorium).

To register, click here.

Christian Living Group (Courts of Heaven)

Gayle Barnes (Pastoral Care Pastor) will be running this group, using the resource by Robert Henderson titled 'Courts of Heaven'. This study is all about our legal authority in Christ, and how to use that authority against the attacks of the enemy. Starting on the 21st May at 7pm in the Precinct (under the Auditorium), this group will run for 6 weeks.  

To register, click here.