Our Story

Our Story

Nexus Church began as an outreach ministry in the Stafford area in 1952.

The Church moved to its present location in 1976 with just 80 people. Pastor John Lewis became the Senior Pastor and led the church with great success until his semi-retirement at the end of 2006.

The Nexus Church and Northside Christian College Campus

Pastor Murray Averill became the Senior Pastor of the Church at the beginning of 2007.  Prior to this he had been the Principal of Northside Christian College for 14 years.

The name of the church was changed from Northside Christian Church to Nexus Church in 2009.  ‘Nexus’ means ‘a point of connection’.  We seek to connect people to God, community and purpose.

Northside Christian College was commenced in 1985 and Next Steps Kindy in 2012. Both are ministries of the Church, providing faith-filled environments for the nurture and education of children.

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